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About the application.

An application made and granted (With seriously incorrect information) for a permitted development to remove 40,000 tons of slate from the former Singrig quarry tip adjacent to Tanrallt.

On the basis of this permitted development the applicant made application C11/1140/22/LL for an access track to the Singrig Tip.

C11/1140/22/LL was granted with conditions.

Having gained consent for the access track application C13/1052/22/MW was made to extract 150,000 tons of slate from the Tanrallt 2 milion ton tip.

From evidence uncovered in relation to all three stages of this development it is evident that the real purpose has always been to gain access to the Tanrallt slate tip, the applicant never intended to remove waste from the Singrig Tip and has only used this in order to gain planning consent for the access track.

Along with the above statement it is evident that the applicant has, either knowingly or not, supplied very inaccurate information for each stage of the development but has also been exceptionally misleading in the use of place names and locations.

If this development gets the go ahead we will be looking at 8 years minimum of dust, noise, disruption, disturbance and lots more HGV traffic past Talysarn and through Penygroes. Some of the documents even talk of 20 years of disruption.


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