Immigrant or incomer – the insult still remains!

Councillor Wyn, immigrant or incomer the meaning is the same and your e-mail is still offensive. Immigrant is a synonym of incomer, they have the same meaning and are interchangeable. The insult still remains however you try to hide it!

When compared to the damage to OUR community there is no economic benefit that can justify this development – the planning officers recognised this, 10 of your fellow councillors recognised this, public protection recognised this, community council recognised this and the list goes on.

You claim to be basing your decision on helping the local community – the local community including all the “incomers/immigrants” as well as the indigenous locals have already shared their voice – WHY ARE YOU INCAPABLE OF LISTENING?

Why are you still defending your misguided comments and why are we still waiting for an apology?


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Mae aelodau Na Dolbebin dal yn aros am ymddiheuriad gan y Cyng Eurig Wyn. Er bod y cyfryngau yn honni fod ymddiheuriad wedi ei dderbyn nid oes neb o’r grwp wedi derbyn ymddiheuriad ganddo.

Mae’r Cyngh Eurig Wyn yn honni nad yw wedi derbyn dim cwynion gan aelodau’r cyhoedd ond gallaf eich sicrhau fod nifer ohonom wedi ei ebostio yn dilyn ei sylwadau difrifol.

Os ydym am gredu bod unrhyw sail i ymddiheuriad yma mae’n rhaid i’r ymddiheuriad hwnnw gael ei roi i’r sawl sydd wedi eu tramgwyddo – yn yr achos yma grwp Na Dolbebin.

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At present the members of Stop Dolbebin are still awaiting an apology from Councillor Eurig Wyn. Despite claims of an apology in local media no correspondence has been received by our group with an apology.

A number of us have e-mailed Councillor Wyn requesting an apology and at present these e-mails have not been acknowledged or answered. In a recent Daily Post article Councillor Wyn claims to have had no contact in regards to his offensive e-mail.

For an apology to bear any weight surely it must be given to the offended party – in this case the members of Stop Dolbebin.

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Open e-mail received from Local Councillor Eurig Wyn

Stop Dolbebin has received an e-mail from Councillor Eurig Wyn, the link below contains the response from Stop Dolbebin as well as the original e-mail from Councillor Eurig Wyn with an English translation.

Eurig Wyn Letter and response.

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E-mail to Councillors/e-bost at gynghorwyr

Welsh and English copy of e-mail sent to Gwynedd Councillors and an analysis of the applicants noise report.

e-bost at gynghorwyr

e-mail to councillors

analysis of applicants noise report

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Back to committee on Monday.

This application is going back to committee at 1pm on Monday 12th January at the Dafydd Orwig Chambers in Caernarfon.

We need to ensure that we send the strongest message possible to the committee that Dyffryn Nantlle does not want this development to go ahead.

Only minor changes have been made to the application and it still breaches many National and Regional policies. There will still be huge impacts from noise, dust, transportation etc. as well as impacts on local wildlife and water courses.

Gwynedd Planning Office are once again recommending refusal for multiple reasons.

Your presence at the chambers on Monday will make a difference and send a clear message to our councillors.

Anyone needing more information or help with transport please get in touch with Stop Dolbebin.

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Exaggerated job creation and financial viability.

During this application process one of the main reasons touted by the applicant for planning approval has been job creation and the financial benefit for Dyffryn Nantlle. Claims of 5 to 15 jobs have been made at various times but there has been no evidence provided to back up these claims.

The linked report analyses this develpment, running costs, annual turnover of projected product and job creation. At best it is considered that this development would create a maximum of 3 new jobs, probably filled by the applicants family, whilst at the same time leading to the job losses associated with the closure of D and J Saddlery at Glyn Isfryn and the Tanrallt Mountain Centre.

Financial Viability Report Link.

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Ap Thomas and Application Form Inconsistencies.

Objection to C14 0645 22 MW Inconsistencies

Considerable errors, omissions and inconsistencies found in the Ap Thomas Agents Report and the Standard Minerals Planning Application form.

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Document removed from Council Website?

(RE) 01 – Ap Thomas Report

This is a copy of the report that was originally uploaded to Track and Trace on Cyngor Gwynedds website in support of this application but has since been removed?

It may be that it has been removed due to all the incorrect information it contains and someone didn’t want it to be seen?

According to this report Tanrallt is still 1/4 mile (400m)  from the tip and not the 150m distance in reality, this is just one of the more blatant lies!

There is also no mention of Glyn Isfryn at 80m, the closest property to this development?????

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Dirty Tactics.

Wel wir ! Dyma chi gyd ddigwyddiad – y diwrnod mae dyn yn dod i fesur swn yn Nhanyrallt mae ‘na ddau dractor yn ymddangos mewn cae islaw. Ymgais yw hyn i godi lefel y swn a dangos nad yw yr ardal yn un dawel ond yn un swnllyd yn barod. Tactegau budur iawn i geisio codi lefel y swn yn y cefndir. Ond cofiwch gyfeillion, mae adran Gwarchod y Cyhoedd yn barod wedi datgan y bydd y lefel swn o’r gwaith yn Nolbebin yn achosi NIWSANS STATUDOL . / Look folks ! What a coincidence….the day a man turns up to Tanrallt to measure the level of background noise….two tractors turn up in the field below to help raise the background noise level. Very dirty tactics indeed. Lets just remember that Public Protection have already noted that the level of noise from the proposed Dolbebin work will cause a STATUTORY NUISANCE !!


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